Carpet is available in many styles and two main fibers, which are polyester and nylon.

Nylon Carpet

Generally speaking, nylon carpets are the most popular choice because they are more durable and more stain resistant than polyester carpets. Nylon fibers also naturally resist food, and pet stains, while offering excellent stain warranties. STAINMASTER, which is a leading stain fighting brand, is used with most, but not all Nylons.

Nylon Pros:

  1. Nylon is a rigid fiber so it won’t wear and crush quickly over time.
  2. Nylon is naturally a stain resistant fiber.
  3. Nylon typically has very good stain and wear warranties.
  4. Nylon is offered in many styles and patterns.

Nylon Cons:

  1. Nylon is more expensive than Polyester.
  2. Nylon can feel more stiff to the touch because of it’s durability. There are soft nylons, but higher in price.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester carpets remain a popular choice because they have a lustrous appearance, are generally more affordable, and can be very stain resistant when treated with Scotchguard.

Polyester Pros:

  1. Polyester is soft to the touch.
  2. Polyester is very affordable.
  3. Polyester offers many styles and colors.

Polyester Cons:

  1. Polyester is a relatively soft fiber so it will wear and crush easier and more quickly than nylon.
  2. Polyester is not as stain resistant as nylon, although with Scotchguard products, stain resistancy improves.

Carpet Types

LOOP PILE: – Loop carpets are marked by a continuous uncut surface that resists crushing and matting. Loop carpets are the most appropriate for commercial applications, but berbers are popular loop carpets for the home.

CUT PILE: – The loops of a cut pile are cut to expose the yarn ends. Cut piles come in a variety of styles including:

Velvet Plush: a rich and luxurious surface perfect for less traveled rooms such as a formal dining or living room (since it will show footprints)

Textured Saxony: its sculpted design hides dirt and footprints and is tough enough for any room

Frieze Carpet: a smart choice for any high traffic area because it hides dirt and footprints exceptionally well. This is high twisted carpet fibers.

CUT & LOOP CARPET: – Cut and loop carpets combine these two piles, usually in a sculpted pattern, and are good in casual settings.


Carpet must be custom cut for each job and will show seams. Also, carpet can have a lot of waste with rooms that have two walls
longer than 12 feet.

Nylon carpets have many special qualities that make it the most popular choice in residential markets. The advantages of these strong, highly resilient, and good texture retention carpets become apparent over time as Nylon carpets maintain their original appearance in high traffic areas.

Shaw floors polyester carpet barn door

Polyester carpets have a high luster appearance which means the carpets come in many beautiful colors. Compare a nylon carpet to a polyester carpet in the same color, and you will see the difference.

How do they compare?

Qualities Nylon Polyester
Style Options Excellent Good
Color Options Excellent Good
Soil Resistance Excellent Fair
Stain Resistance Excellent Excellent
Texture Retention Excellent Good

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Popular Carpet Brands

Carpet must be custom cut for each job and will show seams. Old carpet cushion can sometimes be utilized, but installing new carpet cushion will increase the longevity and warranty of your new carpet. Frequent vacuuming and steam cleaning will also increase the life of your carpet.

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